2019 Lion King Remake, Critics Hate It But Fans Seem To Not Care

Yet again critics and regular audiences differ in opinions. But what movie do the two groups seem to disagree on, you may ask? Well it is the “live-action” 2019 version of the “The Lion King“. With critics, in several different outlets, giving it just around 50%, and fans praising it with around 80-90%. So who is right?

In my opinion of the movie, I would rate it around that low 80%. The film at some points often reeked of Disney trying to milk one of their most loved productions of all its worth, where at other points the actors behind the creatures seemed to put their all into the characters. The film, although not better than the original, didn’t pride itself in trying to be better, with the actors trying to emanate what was great about the original in their characters. The actors although trying to emanate the originals, didn’t come off as pale imitations of the original cast, but as imitations nonetheless. The only place where I felt these actors shone on their own without seeming like imitations of the original cast was in their songs.

But even if you hated it or loved it, one thing you can admit is that CGI was almost perfect. The animation on the lions portrayed every hair follicle and movement as if the king of the jungle was in the theatre with me. Although a problem with CGI is how rapid the technology is growing so this films effects will seem outdated at some point, whereas the original will always feel fresh, but that is a discussion for a different day.

To wrap it up, the film is not one you can hate, and if someone says they hate it they’re lying. I mean honestly have you ever met some one who hates “The Lion King”? They may not like this one as much, because how can you beat the original, but you can’t hate it.


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