Anime and Zombies and Autobots! Oh My!

Welcome to the new land of Oz, citizens.  The sold out New York Comic Con, held this past weekend at the Jacob Javits Center, was like entering a world where every possible fantasy character existed and wasn’t afraid to strike a pose.

It was a feast for the eyes and the senses.  Where to look?  Everywhere!  Where to go?  All over!  What to do?  Everything!  Combined with the New York Anime Festival which was occurring at the same time, in the same place, the NYCC was every fangirl’s and fanboy’s dream come true.  I have severe whiplash from trying to take it all in.


There was something for everyone.  Superheroes, super villains, fairies, aliens, monsters, robots, wizards, alchemists and Jem!  That’s right folks … a Jem display; how cool is that?

From standing in the crowd in front of the Avengers booth and trying to catch the free stuff being tossed to the crowds to perusing the sweet collection of comics and graphic novels available for sale (some for free), to attending the various panels, New York Comic Con allowed fans to be part of the fantasy for four amazing days.  Even Jay and Silent Bob came out to show their love for comics.

 The best part for me?  The cosplay.  From your standard plastic/rubber masks and Spiderman costumes to some seriously epic homemade gear, fans showed their love and their ingenuity, for their favorite genre’s and characters in any way they could.  It was a wonderful feeling walking through the Javits Center,

being a part of such a large crowd of people and knowing that they all shared similar interests with you.  But, I felt like something was missing.

A costume.  Cosplay took you from just being a part of the crowd and made you a part of the Comic Con experience.  You’re not just an eager observing fan taking it all in; a costume made you a part of the magic.  A part of the fantasy.  It made you a part of the Comic Con.  Like being sucked into your favorite comic book or game, handed a weapon and pulled into the action.  I want that next time.  I don’t just want to experience it; I want to be the experience.

My fangirl senses are tingling just thinking about it.  How long until next year’s Comic Con?

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