Wizard World Chicago 2017: ‘Float’ A VR Experience With Pennywise The Dancing Clown

You Want A Balloon?

Early Saturday morning, we took a sudden and exciting trip down the dark sewers of Derry to visit an old and familiar friend…Pennywise!

New Line Cinema‘s and Warner Brothers virtual experience gives viewers a little taste as what to expect for the upcoming IT film. Upon entering the Derry High School bus, you are brought into a tiny room with one small light to illuminate the musky corridors. Once the doors close though…unfortunate passengers will have to suppress their screams while all of their senses are assaulted on the hellish ride.

The party isn’t over yet though! After experiencing all of the air cannons and gut wrenching screams, viewers get to finally experience Pennywise first hand. The actual VR experience starts much like the movie. Georgie loses his boat down the sewer drain to abruptly be met by a not so friendly clown. After that…you’ll just have to see it to believe it!

IT hits theaters September 8th, 2016!