THROWBACK THURSDAY: My Top 5…Hair Metal And Horror

Decline Of The Western Civilization Part 2 My Butt!!


The 80’s were a very vibrant time full of great metal acts! It was also a time of parents thinking their children were Satanists! Soooo…metal heard opportunity a-knocking and opened the dungeon door. Here’s a few of my favorites!

#5 Fastway

Straight from one of the worst greatest films ever (Trick Or Treat in case ya don’t know), Fastway wrote the soundtrack to a horror film about a metal star that dies in a “tragic accident”, his biggest fan gets his unreleased record, turns out metal star out his soul into the record due to evil Satan stuff, metal guy gets out, and biggest fan has to stop him. Riveting. It also stars Gene Simmons as a radio DJ and Ozzy Osbourne as an angry metal hating Pastor. But hey, Fastway wrote a pretty awesome soundtrack to it…so there’s a win I guess?

#4 Dokken
What better way to honor the man of nighmares then with the hair metaliest band ever…DOKKEN!! Known for songs like “Into The Fire” and “Breaking The Chains”, metal took a chance with Dream Warriors and pretty much won! Have you seen George Lynch’s sweet skeleton guitar? LOOK AT IT!!!!

#3 Dangerous Toys
Taking a hint or two from one of metals biggest shock rockers (Alice Cooper…coming soon), Texas band Dangerous Toys brought horror and sweet @$$ riffs to their hit “Scared”. Plus, the poetry of “Man I really, really think, really think that I think I like being scared” Really hits me hard.

#2 Ozzy Osbourne
With songs like “Mr. Crowley” and a nickname like the Prince Of Darkness, Ozzy has brought horror to metal since his early days in Black Sabbath, but it wasn’t really til the 80’s that his hair caught up with the times. Bringing in guitarist Jake E. Lee and adding some sparkles to his wizard robes, The Ozzman would become a force to reckon with. I mean, hair metal wouldn’t be complete without albums like Bark At The Moon and Ultimate Sin. Don’t believe me? Just watch the videos!

#1 Alice Cooper
Coming in at no.1, Alice Cooper hit hard for his comeback in 1986 with his album Constrictor and writing songs for Friday The 13th Part 6. A very unholy matrimony that had been in the making since the the beginning really. Along with songs like “Prince Of Darkness” (titled after the John Carpenter movie of the same name), “Feed My Frankenstein”, and “Teenage Frankenstein”, Cooper was keeping horror alive and well in the 80’s. Because he comes in at no.1, he gets 2 videos! YAAAYYY!!