The New “IT” Shows A Much Darker Side!!!

New information has come out for the remake of Stephen Kings IT! Along with a video of the location for 29 Neibolt Street, it has recently come to light that Javier Botet will be playing the leper version of Pennywise who inhabits it.
Javier Botet Stephen Kings IT
Javier Botet

¬†Botet has played such creatures as Mama in MAMA and the Medeiros girl in REC, so this should really be something to look forward to. It’s also pretty obvious that certain scenes were only touched upon or watered in the Tim Curry adaptation and director Andy Muschietti has already stated that this one will be darker and more faithful to the book. With the new costume and makeup, it already looks like it’s headed in that direction. Let’s hope it stays that way!
Here’s the video where you can check out 29 Neibolt Street:

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