REVIEW: Supernatural’s “Taxi Driver” (8×19), by Anne W. Brennan

Available on Hulu Plus and for free on the CW’s website:

Last week, I asked the Supernatural Gods to give us a one-two punch, and they delivered in this episode.  I found this a rich and powerful hour of raw emotion – fear, love, regret, and bittersweet joy.  I’m going to go through the episode, then do some picking apart.  Please bear with me.

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TV Rots Your Brains: Tuesday Viewing Schedule and More

Much like the work week can slowly dampen your spirits, our TV line up rots your brains slowly.  We don’t have much to review for you on Tuesday so we are going to mix it up by adding another show to the Monday line up.  We are also sharing our Wednesday line up with you early.  One of our Wednesday reviews starts tomorrow night!  We hope you can join us in checking it out.


Now let’s begin.

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