Tom Waits Shows A Film Noir Flair For ‘Foreign Affairs’

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One…

Foreign Affairs seems to be glanced over when it comes to Tom Waits discography and it’s hard to understand why! Although it may not be as infamous as its older brother Small Change, the album gives as an interesting look at the end of Waits balladeering piano soaked performance. Continue reading

Tom Waits Brings His Acidic Wonderland To The Big Screen With ‘Big Time’

“Like Toon World on acid with a microphone light…”

Oddly enough, a word so fitting for such an eccentric, “like Toon World on acid with a microphone light…” pegs the filmed concert perfectly. With a dissonant circus jugband playing in perfect harmony to the surrealistic stage show and songs of the bizarre Tom Waits, Big Time turned out to be the one of a kind show that you have to see to believe. Continue reading