Wizard World Chicago 2017: Shallow Graves Interview With Larry Viezel

He’s A Regular Frankie Fan!!!

While interviewing the iconic Barry Bostwick at Wizard World Chicago 2017, Shallow Graves Magazine also met up with Rocky Horror Super Fan Larry Viezel to get an interesting and investing glimpse at some of the experiences he’s had with the cult classic film and the memorabilia he picked up along the way! Check out the video below to see and hear about these one of a kind props! Continue reading

So I Rewatched FOX’s Rocky Horror…

Can You Guess How It Holds Up? I’ll Give You A Hint…Not Well!

So the article I wrote up last year after seeing the (as FOX put it) tribute focused a lot on the critiques that it received and how I found some of them unfair (original article here). Oh boy has my mind changed! Continue reading