Arrow Head To Release Creepshow 2 On Blu-Ray

And Badder Than Ever!


Just in time for Christmas (December 13th specifically and no it’s not on a friday) Arrow Head is releasing a newly remastered 2k blu-ray of the 1987 classic Creepshow 2. It will be loaded with special features and other little goodies as well. Read below for more info… Continue reading

Stephen King’s “IT” Gets A New Look

 Stephen King's IT with Pennywise the Clown

OHHH….MY GOD!! Entertainment Weekly has finally released a full picture of what Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard) will look like for the upcoming two part adaptation of Stephen Kings “ IT ” set for September 8, 2017. Along with the cast announcements and the little hints that have been all over social media, this makes all the waiting finally feel worth it. Take a look for yourself…

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