Bringing Together Puppetry and Horror, ‘We R Animals’ Is Truly Out Of The Ordinary

Look Out World!!

Swedish writer and director Thobias Hoffmén plans to bring his passion to the masses with his project We R Animals. Mixing “humor with action, crime with fantasy and the movies we grew up loving with the movies of today“, Hoffmén sets to give film fanatics a one of a kind experience! Continue reading

The Abandoned Concert Tour 2017 Brings Music and History To Life!

What Happens When your Passion For History & Music Collide???

You get the Abandoned Concerts Tour 2017!!!

Nick & Jake at an abandoned farmhouse along Rt. 165 in Cooksville, IL

Shallow Graves Nick Kelley is an avid musician and performer, and when asked why abandoned places, “I was watching some videos where people were walking through some abandoned banks and found the acoustics amazing. I then, got the idea that it would be cool to go to different abandoned places and perform while walking around and getting the story of the place.”

Continue reading

Throwback Thursday…EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Mark Pellegrino Talks Lucifer’s New Groove, Being Israel’s Celebrity Ambassador…And So Much More…


Image #: 22693543 American Actor Mark Pellegrino during a press conference at the BloodyCon 2013 in Neuss, Germany. June 8th, 2013 DPA /LANDOV

Who doesn’t love Mark Pellegrino…he has been a star of the silver and small screens for three decades now, in such movies asThe Big Lebowski’ and ‘Lethal Weapon 3’. In the last decade alone, he has gained notoriety for the roles of Paul onDexter, Jacob on ‘LOST’ and Lucifer on ‘Supernatural’! Continue reading

StrixLab Brings Terrifying Monsters Into The Trenches Of World War 1

Move Over COD…

Learning from my high school history classes, World War 1 proved to be a frightening and new experience with the introduction of trench warfare. Well, the game developers over at StrixLab plan to make their lives an actual living hell with Ad Infinitum. Mixing historical accuracy with Lovecraftian horror brings an otherworldly uncomfortable feeling to an already unknown world. Continue reading

Check Out Aardman Studios Music Video For “My Baby Just Cares For Me”


Legendary artist Nina Simone originally recorded the now memorable track “My Baby Just Cares For Me” in 1958, but sadly remained in obscurity until a 1987 Chanel No.5 advertisement brought it to the public’s attention. Once the single found its new found popularity, Simone was quick to start tourinh again and added the song back into her repertoire. But what was to be done for Miss Simone in the age of MTV? That’s where the renowned Aardman Studios comes into the picture! Continue reading

The Crow…Is It Really That Good?

I Mean…

Now before eyes are rolled, let me at least make my case. I love The Crow and ended up discovering the iconic film at the angst filled age of 13. All of the darkness and grungey music pulled me right into its decrepit world. I remember trying to learn Eric Draven‘s melody he played on guitar atop his burned out apartment roof when I first picked up the instrument. But in all reality, what does the film really have to offer? Continue reading