Latest News: ‘Psych: The Movie’ Announces Its Latest Casting Return With Ralph Macchio

I’ve Heard It Both Ways!!!

Has it been 3 years already since the last episode of PSYCH titled “The Breakup” appeared on USA! Since its departure, USA has had more lows than highs, and I will tell you why! PSYCH, Burn NoticeThe Dead Zone, and Monk were a HUGE reason for the USA Networks Characters Welcome!

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Wizard World Chicago Celebrity Spotlight Questions w/ John Barrowman and Ralph Macchio


Wizard World

Last weekend Shallow Graves covered Wizard World Chicago, it was a blast but one of the best parts was when I was able to ask John Barrow (Arrow, Torchwood, Doctor Who) three questions. He answered to the best of his ability and here’s what John had to say.
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