Jake’s Take: Baywatch Review… Check Out The New Baywatch Babes


“What can you say about a movie about life guard crime fighters?” I think that question says it all!  The movie is a parody of the TV show, and hits the mark in all the right places  Ranging from the hot lifeguards, to their slow motion running, this movie has it all.

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Sign The Petition For An Unrated ‘Friday The 13th: Jason Goes To Hell’!!

Come One Come All!!!

Probably the worst horror film of any franchise is the infamous Friday the 13th: Jason Goes To Hell. Somehow Paramount beat the horrendous Jason Takes Manhattan. One of the biggest problems JGTH is the fact that a great deal of footage was either cut or unused taking away both plot points and brilliant effects. Jared Johnson is on a mission to get the fans what they really want… Continue reading