Latest News: ABC Marvel Update: Agents of Shield Likely…Inhumans…Not Likely For Next Season


Deadline recently reported: While Marvel has had a lot of TV success with the Netflix series and recently Hulu’s Runaways, Fox’s The Gifted and FX’s Legion, the track record of Marvel dramas on corporate sibling ABC has been mixed.

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NO MORE HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO: Why TV & Movies Have More Fantastical Figures Than Ever Before

by Anne W. Brennan


Two brothers who hunt the things that go bump in the night, contend with Heaven and Hell, and save the world.  And still bicker like brothers – a lot.

A genius billionaire playboy philanthropist who saves himself from death every second of the day with an implant in his chest, and who uses that genius to bring peace to the world.  With a little attitude.

Teenagers who, having been turned into monsters, still try to maintain their humanity and innocence in the face of thousands of years of war and blood.  And have great parties every week.
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