Found Footage Meets Friday the 13th In Fan Film

Jason Lives!!

Remember a time when found footage was all the rage? Well, that almost happened to Friday the 13th! The decision could have been a blessing in disguise though and might have given the franchise a new lease on life. We’ll just have to make due with this fan made short film for now though… Continue reading

Sign The Petition For An Unrated ‘Friday The 13th: Jason Goes To Hell’!!

Come One Come All!!!

Probably the worst horror film of any franchise is the infamous Friday the 13th: Jason Goes To Hell. Somehow Paramount beat the horrendous Jason Takes Manhattan. One of the biggest problems JGTH is the fact that a great deal of footage was either cut or unused taking away both plot points and brilliant effects. Jared Johnson is on a mission to get the fans what they really want… Continue reading

Paramount Shuts Down New ‘Friday The 13th’ Movie


Paramount Pictures announced yesterday that the new Friday the 13th movie had been removed from its schedule, which usually means a film is looking for a new release date, but The Hollywood Reporter says that’s not the case here. The reboot has been completely shut down and is not happening anymore, at least not at Paramount.

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Jason Voorhees Goes Old School Thanks To Directors Cheat Code…

You Will NOT Believe This!!

Recently, iHorror posted one of the coolest things I have seen in awhile. On the 2004 boxset of From Crystal Lake To Manhattan, director Tom McLoughlin suggested an interesting way to watch Friday The 13th Part IV: Jason Lives. Continue reading