‘Supernatural’ Season 12 Spoilers: Sam & Dean Behind Bars…Cas Finds His Life In Danger…Is John Returning???


Supernatural --"First Blood"-- SN1209b_0042.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Misha Collins as Castiel and Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester -- Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved


“Supernatural” Season 12 spoilers reveal that Castiel (Misha Collins) will be battling for his own life in the upcoming episode of The CW drama. According to Carter Matt, in the Feb. 2 episode entitled, “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets,” the title character will be going after angels who killed her family.

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‘Supernatural’s’ Mark Sheppard Is Married! Check Out the Details on His “Fantastic” Sunset Wedding


Congratulations are in order for Mark Sheppard!

According to E news, The Supernatural star married his fiancé Sarah Louise Fudge Saturday evening at the Bel-Air Bay Club near Malibu, Calif.

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Supernatural Season 12 Cancellation Rumors Put Too Rest…Spinoff In The Works


Supernatural season 12 poster

The CW

Fans are excited about the premiere of “Supernatural Season 12, but they are also apprehensive about the show’s future. Rumors of the show facing cancellation have been flying around for a while but the cast and show-runners are optimistic.

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Throwback Thursday…My Visit To The Set Of Supernatural…Vancouver

Dreams Do Come True…If You Rub A Djinn

Supernatural Djinn (Mackenzie Gray)

THE ROAD SO FAR…In September 2005, “Supernatural” premiered on The WB and I was instantly in love!!! The basis of the show dealt with 2 brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester, who are hunters and take care of all the nasties in this world so the rest of us can go on with our lives, not being any the wiser.

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REVIEW: Supernatural’s “Taxi Driver” (8×19), by Anne W. Brennan

Available on Hulu Plus and for free on the CW’s website:  http://bit.ly/17frDZC

Last week, I asked the Supernatural Gods to give us a one-two punch, and they delivered in this episode.  I found this a rich and powerful hour of raw emotion – fear, love, regret, and bittersweet joy.  I’m going to go through the episode, then do some picking apart.  Please bear with me.

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The CW’s “Supernatural” Sucks on Halloween (Get it…Sucks) The Episode is about Vampires…



Synopsis: BENNY CALLS DEAN FOR HELP — After Benny gets brutally beat up by some vampires, he calls Dean for help. Dean abruptly packs up and tells a confused Sam that he’s taking a “personal day.” Benny confesses that he’s going after his Maker (guest star Patrick Stafford) so Dean offers to help, flashing back on the many times Benny helped him and Castiel in Purgatory. Meanwhile, Sam uses his solo time to reflect on the life he left behind with Amelia (guest star Liane Balaban). However, when things go bad for Dean and Benny, Dean calls Sam for help, which makes everything very complicated. Guy Bee directed the episode written by Ben Edlund.