Clive Barker Will Pay You $300,000 For Your Indie Movie

There’s No Catch To It Really

Clive Barker is no stranger to horror. So, the writer/director of Candyman and Hellraiser has announced that he will pay $300,000 for the best pitch. Barker is working with project greenlight for creative minds to bring their vision to life. Continue reading

THROWBACK THURSDAY: My Top 5…Hair Metal And Horror

Decline Of The Western Civilization Part 2 My Butt!!



The 80’s were a very vibrant time full of great metal acts! It was also a time of parents thinking their children were Satanists! Soooo…metal heard opportunity a-knocking and opened the dungeon door. Here’s a few of my favorites! Continue reading

Robert Englund Dawns Krueger Makeup One More Time

But This Time, It’s A Bit Different

Photo Courtesy of “Nightmares in the Makeup Chair” website

In the new documentary, Nightmares In The Makeup Chair, Robert Englund returns to his horror roots to embody Freddy Krueger one more time. Continue reading


Project Greenlight Digital Studios and AMC Networks’ Shudder launch horror filmmaking contest; winner to take home $300K and Clive Barker mentorship
The horror contest begins February 13, 2017. 

What horror filmmaker wouldn’t DIE at the chance to mentor under Clive Barker much less have a budget of 300,000.00 to fund one or several of your upcoming projects! Read below on how to enter.

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These VHS Tapes Are A Nightmare!!

Hopefully The Tape Doesn’t Get Stuck…


Nan and Patrick Massobrio have discovered a brilliant way to utilize old VHS’ collecting dust. Their collection, Video Store Memories, turns old tapes into the heads of our favorite horror villians! 

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Latest News: Tombstone Distribution Terrorizes US VOD Platforms with ‘BLACKBURN’!


“Some Ghost Stories Are Real!”


Los Angeles, CaliforniaDirector Lauro Chartrand and Writer Nastasha Baron’s Blackburn has already released within the United Kingdom, this past September. The film also saw Canadian markets in December, via Raven Banner Entertainment. Now, the film is available in the United States, with Tombstone Distribution, a subdivision of Archstone. Blackburn has just released on various Video-on-demand platforms, this past January 9th. A preview of the film’s US launch is available here.

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