HBO Documentary ‘Beware the Slenderman’ Brings Truth To A Terrifying Myth



Two months ago, Shallow Graves Magazine reported the 1st teaser of the HBO documentary ‘Beware The Slenderman‘ airing tonight 10 p.m. est. Read below about the horrifying tale and its aftermath and let us know…DO YOU BELIEVE?

The news horrified the world: Two 12-year-old American girls lured a friend into the Wisconsin woods and stabbed her 19 times in an effort to appease a faceless mythical entity known online as Slenderman. But there’s more to the story than the dark headlines it generated. Delving deep into this shocking crime, the sobering documentary Beware the Slenderman examines how an urban myth could take root in impressionable young minds, leading to an unspeakable act.

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HBO’s “Beware The Slenderman” Trailer Brings Truth To A Terrifying Myth

The Boogeyman Is Real…

beware_the_slenderman-1Directed by Irene Taylor Brodski, Beware The Slenderman examines the account of the Slenderman stabbings that took place in 2014 where two young girls murdered there friend to appease the digital boogeyman. Filmed over the span of 18 months with interviews and footage from family and the two children. Originally premiering at the SXSW (South By Southwest) Film Festival, it will now be airing January 23rd on HBO. Check out the trailer below…

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