Foxwoods ComiCONN 2017 LIVE Q&A Panel The Visitors are our Friends: A “V” Reunion



Marc Singer...V

The TV show ‘V’ premiered back in 1984 not to mention book series (in case you did not know). Loved it…Huge fan…Was definitely ahead of its time!

This weekend at Foxwoods ComiCONN 2017 Shallow Graves had the chance to attend the ‘V’ Panel, and did I mention the distinct pleasure of interviewing the one and only Marc Singer (Mike Donovan)…Coming Soon…

Check out the panel below and enjoy!!!

Foxwoods ComiCONN 2017: Live Interview with Blake Renworth, Author of the ‘Exiled Series’

Live with Blake Renworth, author of the ‘Exiled Series’

Exiled series

Shallow Graves Max LeGault, caught up with Blake Renworth at ComiCONN 2017 to speak with her about Exiled Book Series. Check out the interview below:

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