Latest News: ‘Do You Take This Man’ Trailer and Pictures


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Daniel, 40, (Anthony Rapp) and Christopher, early 30’s, (Jonathan Bennett) are very different men – in their interests, their choice of friends, their ways of handling life’s stresses – but they are very much in love, and they are getting married tomorrow, at least that’s the plan. Triggered by the unexpected arrival of a long-lost childhood friend of Christopher’s, the grooms-to-be confront their differences, and lean on their friends and family to get through a day filled with surprises, stresses, and uncertainty about their future together.

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Thomas Gibson FIRED From Criminal Minds For Kicking A Writer!?


"The Storm" -- The BAU is shocked when SWAT apprehends Hotch (Thomas Gibson) and accuses him of conspiracy. As the team scrambles to prove his innocence, they suspect a larger plot is on the horizon, on CRIMINAL MINDS, Wednesday May 4, 9:00-10:00. Pictured: Thomas Gibson as Aaron Hotchner. ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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Before I even get to the report from People Magazine, may I state that this man has been a main stay for Criminal Minds for 12 seasons and should continue to be so. I am not condoning physical violence in any way, but seriously this happened 2 weeks ago and has anyone ever heard of Thomas Gibson being a prima donna…NO! Whoever this writer is needs to get over it and listen to the actors who have made this show what it is…and Thomas Gibson is amazing!!!


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REVIEW: Supernatural’s “Taxi Driver” (8×19), by Anne W. Brennan

Available on Hulu Plus and for free on the CW’s website:

Last week, I asked the Supernatural Gods to give us a one-two punch, and they delivered in this episode.  I found this a rich and powerful hour of raw emotion – fear, love, regret, and bittersweet joy.  I’m going to go through the episode, then do some picking apart.  Please bear with me.

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Once Upon A Time Season 1 Episode 2

Apologies for the far too late recap but better late than never, right?  Hello?  Is this mic on?  Anyway, holy crap!  How much better was this episode than the pilot?  I’ll tell you: about a hundred times better.  First of all, the cheese factor went out the window at the same time the bitch factor went up like 100%.  On top of that, imagine my surprise to hear the show open with some Cat Stevens?  I had a good feeling about the episode from that moment.

But, then, it got even better!  Eviler!  Kudos show.  This week’s episode definitely gave Grimm’s first episode a run for its fairytale money.  And, between you and me, I think Once Upon a Time wins this round.  Mother Mayor took off her gloves and slapped the shit out of everyone.  It was glorious.  Especially since it pissed off Emma, who was like game on witch!  Glorious! Continue reading