‘The Walking Dead’ Show There is Laughter In Death With These Behind The Scenes Poignant Photos


RIP Beth: Emily Kinney – who portrayed Beth – is seen hugging star of the series Andrew Lincoln in a sweet snap ahead of her character’s tragic demise in the infamous hospital scene of season five.

The mega-popular zombie series has seen a plethora of characters meet their untimely and grizzly demise over the course of its seven seasons. Check out these heartwarming moments before a loved characters untimely death!

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31 Days Of Halloween…Day 14…Haunted Attractions


Welcome to day 14 of 31 Days of Halloween!

October is such a busy month, what with all the Halloween prep.  There’s cookies to bake, candy to buy, and so much to do in setting up our celebrations, that sometimes you just wanna take a stroll or a nice ride, and let someone else do the scaring for you.

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