The Road Of Horror…Where Is It Going?

A Road Paved In Blood Seems To Be Hitting A Dead End…

Don’t let the picture fool you, I absolutely loved the new IT! I thought it (pun intended) brilliantly captured the spirit of Stephen King‘s novel while still making it’s own statement. Honestly, this was one of the only films in a long time that actually made me jump out of my seat multiple times. ButContinue reading

Robert Englund Dawns Krueger Makeup One More Time

But This Time, It’s A Bit Different

Photo Courtesy of “Nightmares in the Makeup Chair” website

In the new documentary, Nightmares In The Makeup Chair, Robert Englund returns to his horror roots to embody Freddy Krueger one more time. Continue reading

These VHS Tapes Are A Nightmare!!

Hopefully The Tape Doesn’t Get Stuck…


Nan and Patrick Massobrio have discovered a brilliant way to utilize old VHS’ collecting dust. Their collection, Video Store Memories, turns old tapes into the heads of our favorite horror villians! 

Continue reading