So I Rewatched FOX’s Rocky Horror…

Can You Guess How It Holds Up? I’ll Give You A Hint…Not Well!

So the article I wrote up last year after seeing the (as FOX put it) tribute focused a lot on the critiques that it received and how I found some of them unfair (original article here). Oh boy has my mind changed! Continue reading

Redband Trailer For ‘Pitchfork’ Cuts To The Bone

Might Not Be SFW….

Glenn Douglas Packard’s blood curdling tale of horror Pitchfork has been gaining a lot of attention and with good cause! Finishing up a limited theater run and now available on VOD, for those of you still wondering if it’s worth a shot, here’s your chance. A redband trailer was recently released and is filled with all of the terror you could possibly ever need. Take a look at the video and synopsis below! Continue reading

Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con Hits Record Turnout Of 91,000 Attendees!!

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, Celebrity Guests, Exclusive Panels, And A Trick-or-Treating Extravaganza Make 2016 The Largest Year In Show’s History

logo-comikaze-expo-2016LA’s biggest Pop-Culture celebration unfolded this weekend when a record-setting 91,000 people donned their capes, wings, armor, Star Trek uniforms and Harley Quinn hammers to attend Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con at the LA Convention Center. From Mayor Eric Garcetti’s historic ribbon cutting with Stan Lee, to its epic closing that raised significant funds for the Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory, Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con has officially become LA’s largest pop culture celebration.

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