Step Into The Mind Of Guillermo del Toro With New Exhibit

And What A Fantastic World It Is!!

With an exhibit spanning several rooms all designed to document Guillermo del Toro‘s timeline from ideas to realization, the Minneapolis Institute of Art has everything fans could want and more.

Running from March 5- May 28, Guillmero Del Toro: At Home With Monsters holds roughly 400 objects from del Toro‘s own personal collection including paintings, scultpures, original manuscripts, and other assorted objects. “I belong completely to the creatures I create,” said del Toro. “There’s a kinship that is entirely genuine and spiritual to me. It’s beyond affection. There is a link between those creations and me. I love making them. I am very moved by the fantastic.”

Whether you’ve been a long time fan or recently saw Crimson Peak, the exhibit is a brilliant insight of art that has spanned generations and creativity that sparks the imagination in both young and old. Don’t miss out!