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Rants From A Scream Queen: On Conventions and Cash


Hello everyone! Nick here from Shallow Graves Magazine speaking…well, more like typing…and I would like to share some things with you that I witnessed and experienced at C2E2 2014. This won’t be a general blow by blow on what happened. Instead, it will focus on this experience vs. others I’ve had.

Conventions are a great place for people who have a common love and interest to come together and celebrate life. Whether your passion is horror, science fiction, fantasy, television shows, or all of those combined, you get to see extraordinary cosplay along with celebrities and amazing panels. One might also have the opportunity to see concerts or films. I love conventions no matter what and if you haven’t been to one yet, then you are missing out on a truly wonderful and memorable experience.

However, I can highly sympathize with someone who might not be able to run around to conventions because they are so flippin expensive. Never mind all of the packages, special events, vendor areas, and all of the eye candy around you. Most of your money is going to be spent on gas, parking, food, possibly a motel/hotel, and just the bare necessities. Be prepared to be almost bone dry before the three days are over. If you have the extra $1,000 dollars to spare, you can buy the V.I.P. passes. Ah yes, the fabulous V.I.P. passes where you can cut in front of a line of 500 people who are also there to get an autograph from Bruce Campbell while debating if it is really worth the wait in a line of 500 to see the star of their dreams or if they should just wait another five years when the line is 499 people.

Now taking number 498…

But don’t fret V.I.P., the world is your oyster! Step on all the bodies of those beneath you, flip your birds up in the faces of crying children, and have the celebrity of your choice sign the sweater made out of tears because you spent your money wisely.

My recommendations on what the average convention go-er should do is put money aside for food. It can get real expensive real quick and unless you’ve already prepped snacks, you can screw yourself over. You should also save something for some of the sweet items you can find in the vendor area. Autographs and photo-ops give fans an up close and personal experience with the star(s) of their choice even if it is only for a few seconds. Same thing with an autograph session. You get to shake hands with that specific person and walk away with a nice picture or what not that says “Nick, you’re awesome…signed…giant scribble that does not have anything close to what a letter would be in their name” and that is all good fun while you’re high on life. But what happens if you don’t have the funds?

One killer for me was the fact that you were not allowed to take any pictures of celebrities if you did not pay. So if you walked by Patrick Stewart and thought “hey, let me just take a picture so I can show my friends the awesomeness that is bestowed upon me in this room”, then prepare to be tackled by a security guard and brought down with a taser like you just tried to assassinate a government official.

Look, I’ve done smaller conventions like Rock and Shock, Eyecon, and a few others where you could walk up to a booth and just take a picture of them or just go up to shake their hand and there was no problem whatsoever. Everyone is happy, and we all walk away with a smile on our faces. My point is that I don’t think it is going to hurt anyone’s bottom line if a fan takes a picture of David Boreanaz from 100 ft away especially when they have a line of fans out the door standing in their way. It’s just silly and it makes things a lot less enjoyable for people without hundreds of dollars in expendable cash.

Almost got it…

Chicago Comic Con (C2E2) was fun all in all, and I did have an overall great time. The energy there was enough to keep me awake and excited all weekend. I had a chance to speak with a few of my favorite stars including: Karl Urban (such a gentleman and had such an appreciation for all his fans whether they were nine or ninety), Shawn Ashmore (who took the time to just chill with his fans and relax a bit), and Bruce Campbell (who, on the other hand…no, the one without the chainsaw, was jokes galore and seemed no different than how you see him as on television or film). I also have to thank all the cosplayers for taking the time to pose and be awesome! You all really make the conventions what they are and it’s not every day you get to be Wolverine!

So, what your thoughts on the convention experiences you experienced?  Have you had to break the bank on the big conventions or do you prefer the smaller conventions? We would love to hear your stories! This is Nick signing out…so behave my little ones!