Goosebumps Masks Are On The Way!!

You’re In For A Scare…

Trick or Treat Studios is excited this year to announce all of their new amazing lines with one of the newest editions being Goosebumps!

The line includes 2 memorable stories/episodes with Slappy from “Night Of the Living Dummy” (designed by Mark Anthony) and The Haunted Mask from “The Haunted Mask” (designed by Alexander Rey)! Pre-orders are available and ready to ship through August and September for your scary needs. Just watch out for the Haunter mask….

Take a look at the masks below and check out their Texas Chainsaw Massacre line here. Also, just for fun, check out the original Goosebumps that share the same name of these masks!

Goosebumps ‘SLAPPY’ Mask


Goosebumps ‘THE HAUNTED’ Mask