Exclusive: Trailer Debut ‘THE INSTITUTE’ Starring James Franco and Eric Roberts



Last week, Shallow Graves Magazine was excited to announce the release date and information of the upcoming movie ‘The Institute’ starring James Franco and Eric Roberts. We have been waiting patiently to get an upcoming sneak peak at the movie and our patience has finally paid off with the debut of The Institutes 1st teaser trailer below.

Synopsis: Subjected to bizarre and increasingly violent pseudo-scientific experiments in personality modification, brainwashing and mind control, Isabel Porter must escape the clutches of the Rosewood Institute and exact her revenge, or else be forever lost.

Written by Adam and Matt Rager

Directed by James Franco and Pamela Romanowsky

Starring James Franco, Allie Gallerani, Tim Blake Nelson, Lori Singer, Eric Roberts, Scott Haze

Release Date: March 3rd 2017