Latest News: ‘Psych: The Movie’ Announces Its Latest Casting Return With Ralph Macchio

I’ve Heard It Both Ways!!!

Has it been 3 years already since the last episode of PSYCH titled “The Breakup” appeared on USA! Since its departure, USA has had more lows than highs, and I will tell you why! PSYCH, Burn NoticeThe Dead Zone, and Monk were a HUGE reason for the USA Networks Characters Welcome!

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Foxwoods ComiCONN 2017: Exclusive Interview with Spencer Wilding

He’s Been In Everything From Rogue One to Harry Potter! What’s Not To Love?!

Shallow Graves attended  Foxwoods ComiCONN 2017 where we got an exclusive interview with renowned actor Spencer Wilding. Continue reading

Foxwoods ComiCONN 2017 LIVE Q&A Panel The Visitors are our Friends: A “V” Reunion



Marc Singer...V

The TV show ‘V’ premiered back in 1984 not to mention book series (in case you did not know). Loved it…Huge fan…Was definitely ahead of its time!

This weekend at Foxwoods ComiCONN 2017 Shallow Graves had the chance to attend the ‘V’ Panel, and did I mention the distinct pleasure of interviewing the one and only Marc Singer (Mike Donovan)…Coming Soon…

Check out the panel below and enjoy!!!

‘Supernatural’ The Top 5 Best & The Worst On The Road So Far


“Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas, has been the season finale theme song for the hit CW series ‘Supernatural’ since season one and has become an integral part of the series that brings us on ‘”THE ROAD SO FAR”

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