Mothman in Chicago?

Has Mothman returned to warn Chicago of Disaster?

It would seem that Mothman isn’t quite finished with us  yet.  There have been more than 40 sightings of a similar creature, in Chicago, this year alone.  Author and researcher Lon Strickler maintains an interactive Google map of the sightings.  Clicking on a sighting icon will bring up a window with “eyewitness” descriptions and comments.

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The Mystery of the Mothman.

Image credit: Flikr/puroticico

Mothman Statue, Point Pleasant, WV

Between November of 1966 and December of 1967, the citizens of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, reported multiple sightings of a strange, winged creature, in and around the town. Eye-witness Linda Scarberry described the brutish thing as having the body of a man, with wings shaped like an angel. It was nearly 7 feet tall. Its huge, glowing red eyes were its most prominent feature.

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31 Days Of Halloween…Day 26 “When Shadows Move”…A Haunting In Rhode Island


(Based on a true story)


In 1998, my now ex husband, my 5 year old son Nicholas, and I just moved back to Greenviile, RI. We were excited, as we just rented our 1st home at 969 Greenville Avenue, right down the street from my parents. Throughout the next 4 years, I welcomed 2 more boys, Jacob in 1999 and Hunter in 2002. During that time, I worked hard to be mother, wife, and business woman.

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