‘The Walking Dead’ Show Their is Laughter In Death With These Behind The Scenes Poignant Photos


RIP Beth: Emily Kinney – who portrayed Beth – is seen hugging star of the series Andrew Lincoln in a sweet snap ahead of her character’s tragic demise in the infamous hospital scene of season five.

The mega-popular zombie series has seen a plethora of characters meet their untimely and grizzly demise over the course of its seven seasons. Check out these heartwarming moments before a loved characters untimely death!

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The Cast Of Supernatural Talks About Their Creepiest Episodes


the cw supernatural jensen ackles (dean Winchester) and misha Collins (castielle)

Over the past 13 seasons, especially in their early years who hasn’t been creeped out by and episode or 2 of The CW’s ‘Supernatural’? Whether it be “Bloody Mary”, “Wedigo”, or even “Dream A Little Dream”, we all agree they were great episodes that bordered on scary!

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31 Days of Halloween…Day 19…5 “Horror Movies” The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Everyone Should Have Fun This Halloween!!!

31 days of halloween

Halloween should be filled with as many haunts and terrors as possible. Of course adults have all the coverage when it comes to movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Evil Dead, etc. However,

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Latest News: Altered Reality Entertainment Announces New Event Coming to Albany, New York

Altered Reality Entertainment, LLC, an entertainment event company that produces multimedia, multi-genre events throughout the US, including their flagship event Rhode Island Comic Con, ComiCONN “A Show for the Fans by the Fans,” Colorado Springs Comic Con, and Terror Con, have announced a new event for their 2018 calendar—Empire State Comic Con.

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Latest News: Terror Films Invites You To Play A Game Of ‘DEAD BODY’ on VOD this October 17


As the witching hour approaches, Terror Films is unveiling the official poster and trailer for the nerve rattling indie horror DEAD BODY! The film hits digital platforms on Tuesday, October 17.

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