Amanda Palmer Strips Down For ‘Piano Is Evil’

Palmer Says She’s Not The Killing Type, But I Disagree…

Amanda Palmer has never been one to tone things down. After breaking records on Kisckstarter in 2012 to finance her then unrecorded album Theater Is Evil, Palmer has returned to her landmark record to update and strip down the once heavy and 80’s inspired songs. Continue reading

Dan Blakeslee Channels Classic Americana With ‘The Alley Walker’!

His Roots Grow Fast and Run Deep

Although Dan Blakeslee and the Calabash Club‘s new record isn’t available until August 18th (you can pre-order it here), The Alley Walker digs deep into the heart and soul of American music!  Continue reading

Stop Whatever You Are Doing And Listen To ‘No, Virginia’!!

How The Hell Did I Miss This Album?!?!

I am a huge fan of The Dresden Dolls (and of course Amanda Palmer) and I have been beating myself over the head with porcelain plates for the past few days trying to figure out how I missed such an awesome album!! Continue reading

Tom Waits Shows A Film Noir Flair For ‘Foreign Affairs’

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One…

Foreign Affairs seems to be glanced over when it comes to Tom Waits discography and it’s hard to understand why! Although it may not be as infamous as its older brother Small Change, the album gives as an interesting look at the end of Waits balladeering piano soaked performance. Continue reading