The Abandoned Concert Tour…Continued!

Every Place Has A Story To Tell

                                           Nick Kelley reflecting on the days past

Last week, Shallow Graves Magazine started a new segment titled “The Abandoned Concert Tour”. As part of the segment, Nick travels to random abandoned places and performs some of his favorite songs. Continue reading

The Abandoned Concert Tour 2017 Brings Music and History To Life!

What Happens When your Passion For History & Music Collide???

You get the Abandoned Concerts Tour 2017!!!

Nick & Jake at an abandoned farmhouse along Rt. 165 in Cooksville, IL

Shallow Graves Nick Kelley is an avid musician and performer, and when asked why abandoned places, “I was watching some videos where people were walking through some abandoned banks and found the acoustics amazing. I then, got the idea that it would be cool to go to different abandoned places and perform while walking around and getting the story of the place.”

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Check Out Aardman Studios Music Video For “My Baby Just Cares For Me”


Legendary artist Nina Simone originally recorded the now memorable track “My Baby Just Cares For Me” in 1958, but sadly remained in obscurity until a 1987 Chanel No.5 advertisement brought it to the public’s attention. Once the single found its new found popularity, Simone was quick to start tourinh again and added the song back into her repertoire. But what was to be done for Miss Simone in the age of MTV? That’s where the renowned Aardman Studios comes into the picture! Continue reading

See Gothminister’s Bjørn Alexander Brem Fly High…Literally

Goths Haven’t Been This Dangerous Since They Invaded Rome In 410 AD!!

Okay so it’s not exactly like the Visigoths invasion of Rome or the actual lead singer of Ghostminister flying, but it’s pretty darn close!! Continue reading

Alice Cooper To Release New Album ‘Paranormal’ July 28

Also, Check Out Cooper Performing With Original Bandmates At A One Off Concert

Artist Alice Cooper recently announced the release of his latest album since 2011 entitled Paranormal. Continue reading

Chris Cornell Found Dead At 52, Video Of Final Performance Surfaces


Musician Chris Cornell was found dead in his hotel room at the MGM Grand Detroit last night just hours after performing with Soundgarden at the Fox Theatre in Detroit. He was 52. As reported by The Associated Press, a police investigation is underway with officials saying his death was a suicide. Cornell was found by a family friend unresponsive on the bathroom floor and announced dead on the scene when officials came. Reports say that Cornell hung himself although an autopsy hasn’t been completed as of yet. Continue reading

PWR BTTM…From The Top Of The World To Obscurity


In a matter of days, one of the most anticipated bands of the year has been wiped off the face of the earth. With sexual abuse scandals on the rise against band member Ben Hopkins, the band has been dropped by their record label, dropped by their management, their touring band members have left, and refunds for anyone who bought their new album Pageant have been issued. Continue reading

Tom Waits Brings His Acidic Wonderland To The Big Screen With ‘Big Time’

“Like Toon World on acid with a microphone light…”

Oddly enough, a word so fitting for such an eccentric, “like Toon World on acid with a microphone light…” pegs the filmed concert perfectly. With a dissonant circus jugband playing in perfect harmony to the surrealistic stage show and songs of the bizarre Tom Waits, Big Time turned out to be the one of a kind show that you have to see to believe. Continue reading