So I Rewatched FOX’s Rocky Horror…

Can You Guess How It Holds Up? I’ll Give You A Hint…Not Well!

So the article I wrote up last year after seeing the (as FOX put it) tribute focused a lot on the critiques that it received and how I found some of them unfair (original article here). Oh boy has my mind changed! Continue reading

A Look Back At Badlands 1989 Debut Album…

The Band That Should Have Been…

There are sadly many bands in the 80’s that should have made it big. Groups like Dangerous Toys could have been selling out arenas and even Quiet Riot worked for years to make a name for themselves to only be remembered by 2 songs. However, at the very top of this list should be a group that seldom people have heard. Continue reading

A Look Back At Nick Cave’s 2008 BBC Sessions…

Dig Lazarus…DIG!!!!

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds have always been a poetic freak show, but their appearance on BBC Four Sessions in 2008 brought the circus into viewers homes. With the backdrop of a CBGB decorated church supplying an intimate atmosphere, Cave was completely in his element. Continue reading

Alice Cooper Returns With New Album ‘Paranormal’

Step Into My Personoiac Paranality

Alice Cooper isn’t done yet and his latest album Paranormal shows this vaudevillian super villain re-vamped and re-energize. With every song being its own mini episode filled attitude and tongue-in-cheek humor, this record brings Alice back to his garage rock roots. Continue reading

A Look Back At Zakk Wylde’s 1994 Album ‘Pride And Glory’

Don’t Go Losing Your Mind

It’s beyond depressing to see amazing albums go unnoticed especially with the band being unkown. For example, Temple of the Dog‘s self-titled record would be nonexistent if it wasn’t for “Hunger Strike“. Sadly, Zakk Wylde‘s little known side-project Pride and Glory suffers from this same fate. Continue reading

Amanda Palmer Strips Down For ‘Piano Is Evil’

Palmer Says She’s Not The Killing Type, But I Disagree…

Amanda Palmer has never been one to tone things down. After breaking records on Kisckstarter in 2012 to finance her then unrecorded album Theater Is Evil, Palmer has returned to her landmark record to update and strip down the once heavy and 80’s inspired songs. Continue reading

Dan Blakeslee Channels Classic Americana With ‘The Alley Walker’!

His Roots Grow Fast and Run Deep

Although Dan Blakeslee and the Calabash Club‘s new record isn’t available until August 18th (you can pre-order it here), The Alley Walker digs deep into the heart and soul of American music!  Continue reading