Check Out Brittany Howard’s Little Known Side Project “Thunderbitch”

Rock And Roll Is Alive And Well

With an unforgettable band name like Thunderbitch, Brittany Howard (lead singer/songwriter/guitarist of the Alabama Shakes) carried on the swamped out rock and roll statement she made when the Alabama Shakes released their debut album Boys&Girls. However, her little known self titled LP Thunderbitch is a bit different…

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Watch The Rundfunk-Tanzorchester Ehrenfeld Cover Daft Punk Perfectly!

All It Takes Is Talent And A Talk Box Apparently

Daft Punk meets the orchestral world thanks to the Rundfunk-Tanzorchester Ehrenfeld (translated to “Radio Dance Orchestra of Ehrenfeld”) with their rendition of the french duos classic “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” and all I can say is……..daaaaaaaaaaaamn! Continue reading

The Forgotten Pink Floyd Album…”The Final Cut”

The Nails Were Already In The Coffin

Not too much falls by the wayside or becomes glossed over when it comes to the history of Pink Floyd. For example, it’s widely known that the recording of The Wall was the main breaking point when it came to the legendary band. But what happens after the bricks come tumbling down? Continue reading

Lindsey Buckingham And Christie McVie Strike Gold With Recent Album!

This Is Not Fleetwood Mac

I have to admit, I went into this record expecting it to sound like a Fleetwood Mac album and for these two artists to rehash the musical flames of of the past. Oh boy was I wrong! Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie is a brilliant representation of classic pop songwriting brought to the modern age masses. Continue reading

Gene Simmons Seeks Opening Act And ‘Rockstar Kid’ For Wizard World’s August 26 Concert At Park West In Chicago

Local Musicians/Groups Can Submit Video Links By August 10 to Enter To Be One Of The Concert’s Opening Acts; Also Seeking ‘Rockstar Kid’ To Play Song With Gene On Stage

Gene Simmons Concert - Cleveland (credit Layla

Gene Simmons Concert – Cleveland (credit Layla

It’s the chance of a lifetime for musicians all across Greater Chicago, as famed Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Gene Simmons and Wizard World seek an outstanding local band to perform as one of the opening acts for “Wizard World:

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Roger Waters “Is This The Life We Really Want?” Gives An Old Message New Life…

Wake Up And Smell The Roses

With his last studio album being released in 1992, Roger Waters had a lot to live up to with his latest album Is This the Life We Really Want?, but did it make…the final cut? Continue reading

The Abandoned Concert Tour…Continued!

Every Place Has A Story To Tell

                                           Nick Kelley reflecting on the days past

Last week, Shallow Graves Magazine started a new segment titled “The Abandoned Concert Tour”. As part of the segment, Nick travels to random abandoned places and performs some of his favorite songs. Continue reading

The Abandoned Concert Tour 2017 Brings Music and History To Life!

What Happens When your Passion For History & Music Collide???

You get the Abandoned Concerts Tour 2017!!!

Nick & Jake at an abandoned farmhouse along Rt. 165 in Cooksville, IL

Shallow Graves Nick Kelley is an avid musician and performer, and when asked why abandoned places, “I was watching some videos where people were walking through some abandoned banks and found the acoustics amazing. I then, got the idea that it would be cool to go to different abandoned places and perform while walking around and getting the story of the place.”

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