Interview With Legendary Bill Diamond Terror Con 2017

How Can You Not Be After Working With Jim Henson!

Master puppeteer and animator Bill Diamond has a lot to be proud of. His resume says it all by working on iconic shows like Fraggle Rock and Sesame Street while also conquering the big screen with Dark Crystal and Little Shop of Horrors. Shallow Graves Magazine had the opportunity to sit down with the legend at the 2017 Terror Con and we were not disappointed. We hope you won’t be either! Continue reading

Evil Dead 2013: Top 5 Reasons It’s A Great Film

Don’t Lose Your Heads Over This One!

The 2013 Evil Dead is one of my ALL TIME favorite horror movies. For me it has the perfect blend of what makes a great movie! Don’t get me wrong…I love all of the Evil Dead films including the Starz original series Ash Vs. Evil Dead, but this film takes all of the great elements and memorable elements from the original films and turned them on its head. Here’s my top 5 on why it’s one of the greatest horror films… Continue reading

40 Fascinating Facts About Your Favorite Horror Movies

Today’s the day when we pull out all of the scary movies in our collections and pile them up in preparation for a Halloween horror movie marathon. But before you grab the popcorn and dim the lights, bone up on your horror knowledge with these 40 facts about some of your favorite scary movies.

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Grateful Dead’s ‘Long Strange Trip’ Coming to Select Theaters and Amazon Prime

You Better Pack For This Trip

Just like with the Grateful Dead‘s music, you can’t compile their whole journey into a short and simple film which is why Amir Bar-Lev  and executive producer Martin Scorsese created a documentary spanning over 4 hours to showcase the groups long and strange trip (see what I did there). Continue reading

Disney’s ‘Beauty’ Delivers Beastly Second Weekend, While ‘Power Rangers’ Opens with $40.5M



Boxoffice Mojos latest report finds that Disney’s Beauty and the Beast delivered a monster second weekend, pulling in enough to make it the fourth largest second weekend of all-time and pushing the film over $315 million in a matter of just ten days.

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Ian McKellen To Return As Gandalf

But Not How You Might Think

The Lord Of The Rings has been one of the most successful and influential franchises spanning from the novels to cinema. Sir Ian McKellen has portrayed numerous characters in both comics and literature with one of his most infamous being Gandalf the Grey. Sir Ian is set to dawn his robes one more time…well, almost. Continue reading