Get Your Crossbows Out!

PROVIDENCE, RI, March 1, 2017: A new year begins for the management and staff of the Biggest Show in the Smallest State, and the guest announcements have already started. The sixth annual Rhode Island Comic Con arrives in town on November 10th through the 12th and it brings “Daryl Dixon,” Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead with them as the first headlining guest.

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Terror Con 2017: Interview With The Conjuring’s Andrea Perron, Keith, and Sarah Johnson!!

Based On A True Story…

We here at Shallow Graves Magazine were delighted to get an exclusive interview with Andrea Perron (author of House of Darkness, House of Light and first hand witness to the paranormal phenomenon that plagued the Perron house) along with both Keith and Sandra Johnson of N.E.A.R. (New England Anomalies Research) Paranormal. What unraveled was Perron‘s true experiences that inspired the box office hit the Conjuring. Check out the video below to get the full story. Continue reading

Terror Con 2017: Sculptor Lawrence Elig Talks Art And His “Terror Cast” Line

A Master At His Craft!!

From working on amusement park sculptures to creating iconic toys that have spanned generations, Lawrence Elig is quite an accomplished artist. Shallow Graves Magazine caught up with the man himself and learned a few tricks along the way. Check out the video below and don’t forget to check out Elig‘s website here! Continue reading

Terror Con 2017: Exclusive Interview With Penny Dreadful The XIII


As the host of Penny Dreadful’s Shilling Shockers, Penny Dreadful the XIII has a lot on her sinister hands. But that doesn’t stop this legendary witch from casting spells among her viewers and injecting new life into iconic monster movies for all to enjoy! Shallow Graves Magazine has the scoop on the old, new, and something blue (check out the video below) and don’t forget to check out Penny‘s website here for upcoming news and events!! Continue reading

Terror Con 2017: A Frightfully Wicked Weekend of Cosplay



Terror Con 2017 was a weekend of frightful events with something new and exciting around every corner and you can’t help but pay attention to all of the Cosplayers that wait for such events to show off there latest creations!! Check out the slideshow below to see ones you loved or might have even missed. ENJOY!!!

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