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“Haunted Vermont” by Thomas D’Agostino July 2011

“Haunted Vermont”

By : Thomas D’Agostino & Arlene Nicholson

Would you like to add some spirited fun to your travels around the Green Mountain State? From the frozen citizens, haunted
bridges, creepy colleges, to vampires, strange creatures, and every character in between, Vermont has a stunning array of haunts that
makes for one very special road trip. For an out of this world experience, this book will be a handy guide to ghostly fun.

Vermont is rich with ghost stories and legends including tales of frozen citizens, ghost ships, weird creatures lurking in the forests, and strange organ sounds emanating from beyond. From Brattleboro to Burlington and beyond, there is more than just everyday roaming ghosts. Read about unique wanderers from the other side as they send a chill up your spine and make your hair stand on end. Or perhaps you will want to visit the Green Mountain State in search of why so many have remained in this beautiful yet mysterious region so long after their mortal tenure on earth. Turn by turn directions will take you right to the haunted location. Either way, you will enjoy the journey through Haunted Vermont— whether in person, or just from your favorite armchair.

Thomas D’’Agostino, is a well reknowned Paranormal Investigator with over 29 years experience, investigating over 1,000 cases. Arlene Nicholson, is a Professional Photographer and works with Thomas investigating each case by gathering photo and video evidence. Arlene also works with other Investigators by analyzing both their film and video to help in descerning what is paranormal and what is not.

Haunted Vermont retails for $19.99 and can be purchased through the publisher
at or your local book stores such as Barnes & Nobles, as well as
numerous online retailers.

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