Recap: Rhode Island Comic Con 2016…Interview With ‘The Agents Of Shield’


agents-of-shield AT ricc 2016

This past weekend Shallow Graves Magazines Max Legault, Moira Legault, and Kat Fortner attended Rhode Island Comic Con in Providence, Rhode Island where we gave LIVE up to the minute video of Interviews, Panels, and so much more…

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Catching Up With the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker

The Doctor (Colin Baker) in Dr. WhoColin Baker played the sixth Doctor in the long running series Doctor Who from 1984-1986. The star of television, audio books, print, stage and even video games, Colin Baker is the only actor to have played the Doctor in each of those genres. I caught up with Colin for an interview at  Rhode Island ComicCon.

Hello Colin, a pleasure to meet you! Thank you for chatting with Shallow Graves for a bit.

Colin: My great pleasure, nice to talk to you.

What do you think about the resurgence of popularity for Doctor Who, and how has it affected you?

Colin: Well, it’s always been popular, of course. It was off the air in England in 1989, and amazingly, for the next ten years, remained almost as popular. There were still conventions; there were still fans demanding more. We were doing lots of audio stuff with Big Finish. So, Doctor Who has really never gone away. Continue reading