Amanda Palmer Strips Down For ‘Piano Is Evil’

Palmer Says She’s Not The Killing Type, But I Disagree…

Amanda Palmer has never been one to tone things down. After breaking records on Kisckstarter in 2012 to finance her then unrecorded album Theater Is Evil, Palmer has returned to her landmark record to update and strip down the once heavy and 80’s inspired songs. Continue reading

The Nightmare Before Christmas Gets A Comic Book Sequel!

WHAT’S THIS?!?!?!?!?!

For a movie that defined a generation, The Nightmare Before Christmas is finally getting a sequel! Manga company Tokyopop will be continuing Tim Burton‘s beloved adventure and will be written by DJ Milky with art from Studio DICE. This time though, the story will focus on a different yet familiar character. Continue reading

Dan Blakeslee Channels Classic Americana With ‘The Alley Walker’!

His Roots Grow Fast and Run Deep

Although Dan Blakeslee and the Calabash Club‘s new record isn’t available until August 18th (you can pre-order it here), The Alley Walker digs deep into the heart and soul of American music!  Continue reading

Try To Sleep After Watching These 5 Nightmare Fueled Shorts…

Here Comes The Bogeyman…

Horror and animated shorts are like a match made in heaven. With a limited window to get a disturbing message across, the shorts allow the creator to put as many chills in without sacrificing the story. Here are 5 animated shorts that have been making their rounds around the web! Continue reading