It’s Only A Few Days Away!!

Pop culture fans are giddy with excitement for the Midwest’s largest pop culture comicon C2E2 which begins April 21st in Chicago. Storm King Comics will be exhibiting and bringing con exclusives, giveaways, talent, and more! Con attendees will get a FREE SIGNED poster from the upcoming series John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction at booth #418 ONLY IF they say the secret password. Attendees can get the code word on Twitter at https://twitter.com/JCsAsylum or by downloading the C2E2 App and walking the convention floor. Writer/editor producer Sandy King Carpenter (They Live, Vampires) and writer James Ninness (Dust, John Carpenter’s Tales for a HalloweeNight) will be on hand for signings. Both creators are part of the new title John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction:Vault that hits stores this July and will be revealing more about the book in a livestream interview at the convention’s Twitch stage Saturday April 22nd at noon CST.

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Alice Cooper To Reunite With Original Bandmates ONE NIGHT ONLY!!!

Roll Out Your Circus Freaks And Hula Hoops

While the infamous Alice Cooper is on his Spend The Night With Alice Cooper Tour, a special stop (or “mini-set” as its being called) will be made on May 14 at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center’s Andrew Jackson Hall. Continue reading

Watch Sam Raimi Defend Evil Dead 1&2 On British Television

Some “Experts” Need To Go Back To School!!

Sick burn right?! Anywho, it does get a tad bit annoying that even in the year 2017 there are still “experts” saying that horror (whether it be in video games or on the big screen) promotes violence and leads to poor innocent youth committing terrible crimes against humanity. Needless to say Continue reading

Salvador Dali Brings Us Down The Rabbit Hole With ‘Alice In Wonderland’

And I Thought The Story Was Trippy…

Acclaimed and iconic artist Salvador Dali had the pleasure during his lifetime to illustrate some legendary literature. As we’ve previously talked about, Dali‘s artistry for the 700th anniversary of Dante’s Inferno left many people astounded and angry. Now it is time to tackle one of his most infamous ventures into classic stories, Lewis Carroll‘s ‘Adventures of Alice In Wonderland‘. Continue reading

Artist Shawn Coss Beautifully Illustrates The Dark Side Of Mental Disorders

Who Knew Pain Could Be So Beautiful…

Artist Shawn Coss is an artist that brings originality and reality to the more twisted things and life. Whether it’s working on Cyanide and Happiness or writing and illustrating his new book Kindergarten, Coss keeps in close touch with the fears that we all face within our lifetime. So, it should be of no surprise then that his illustrations on mental illness cut straight to the bone. Continue reading

Alice Cooper Is Your Boss In New Nintendo 3DS Game ‘Scoop’n Birds’

Who Knew His True Passion Was Scoop’n Birds?!

Nintendo’s Scoop’n Birds is now available for the 3DS! In the game, you work in a pet store where your goal is to fling as many birds as possible to your faithful customers. But who could possibly own this oddly serviced pet store you ask? Well, that would be the one and only Alice Scooper! Sounds familiar right? Continue reading