Has ‘London After Midnight’ Finally Been Found?!

Fingers Crossed!!

The long lost ‘London After Midnight’ has had film fans pulling there hair out wondering if the movie will ever see the light of day. The closest we have seen was an attempt to put stills of the film together to narrate the story, but it fails to do the film justice. Filmaker Robert Parigi might change that though… Continue reading

1912, The Year Of The Villisca Axe Murders

Iowa’s A Fun State…

So happy…

Moments. America, just like everywhere else, has its fair share of moments. Some last forever while others are lost in the annals of time. 1912 proved to be a moment that Iowa would not soon forget when the Moore family was found dead in their home from severe axe wounds. The case still open and the killer was never found.

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“Assasin’s Creed” DVD and Blu-Ray Coming Soon!!!

The Time Has Come For Gamers Everywhere To Embrace The Creed!!

The long awaited and highly anticipated Assasin’s Creed movie will finally be available to own sooner than we thought! Fans will be able to enjoy the film on DVD, Blu-Ray, 3D Blu-Ray and Digital HD this March!! Look below for more info! Continue reading

Clive Barker And Project Greenlight Announce “Submissions Are Now Open”!!

Will You Be The Next Master Of Horror?

Twas not so long ago that the “Reel Fear Horror Contest sunk its teeth into the minds of horror-goers! A little over a week really. Now Clive Barker and Project Greenlight are proud to announce that submissions are open!! Continue reading

“Wish Upon” Trailer Makes Teenage Life Easier

Well…Kind Of…

Just look at their faces…

Being a teenager sucks. So much of the angst and the emotions. Wouldn’t it just be easier to wish upon a magic star? Or in this case, wish upon a magical box? Well, just like every idea you had when you were 13, there’s really no good outcome. Continue reading

Fright-Rags Gives ‘MY BLOODY VALENTINE’ Fans a Gift from the Heart

Fright-Rags gives My Blood Valentine fans a gift from the heart
The Ballad of Harry Warden Collection on sale now!!!

Remember what happened as the 14th draws near! Fright-Rags has a gift from the heart for fans of the 1981 slasher classic My Bloody Valentine: The Ballad of Harry Warden Collection.

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