Ian McKellen To Return As Gandalf

But Not How You Might Think

The Lord Of The Rings has been one of the most successful and influential franchises spanning from the novels to cinema. Sir Ian McKellen has portrayed numerous characters in both comics and literature with one of his most infamous being Gandalf the Grey. Sir Ian is set to dawn his robes one more time…well, almost. Continue reading

Legendary Artist Bernie Wrightson Passes Away At The Age Of 68

And What A Talent He Was

Known throughout the horror world for his legendary pieces including the horror comic Creepy, DC‘s Swamp Thing, and an adaptation of Mary Shelley‘s Frankenstein, artist Bernie Wrightson passed away yesterday (March 18, 2017) at the age of 68 after a long battle with brain cancer. Continue reading

Before The Mask…Leslie Vernon Returns In Comic Book Glory


Leslie Vernon has fans old and new waiting in anticipation for a sequel to the cult classic Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon. Until that day comes, a comic sequel/prequel/remake…spreemake if you will…is in the works for fans. Continue reading

Comet TV March Viewing Guide!


There’s some great titles this month like Cherry 2000 with Melanie Griffith, Static from 1986 and one of my favorites, Troll 2! How can you not love Troll 2… The film that didn’t have one Troll in it. Take a look at the listings below! Continue reading

‘Fences’ Arrives on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack March 14, 2017

Triumphant Adaptation Of August Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize-Winning Play

Hailed by critics and audiences alike, FENCES was nominated for four Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Actor (Denzel Washington), and Best Adapted Screenplay (August Wilson) and Viola Davis won the Best Supporting Actress award for her transcendent performance, along with a 2017 Golden Globe Award, a SAG Award and more than a dozen critics’ group awards.  FENCES also was named one of the best films of the year by the American Film Institute, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, the Producers Guild of America and more. Continue reading

Logan…The End…

A Swansong

I was almost 7 when the original X-Men film came out in 2000. I remember when Wolverine made his first appearance and I thought he was the coolest person to ever exist. Wolverine, and in turn Hugh Jackman, was the whole reason I even had any interest in the X-Men. It’s a character many of us grew up with in film and had the pleasure and benefit of not seeing him recast or rebooted. Of course there has to be an end. Spoilers are ahead. Continue reading