A Look Back At Linda Perry’s Solo Album….”In Flight”

Even After A Re-Release, It Seems That This Record Lives Under The Radar

In Flight is an oddly unknown record for such a prolific songwriter. But in short, the album is a fun and quirky side quest in Linda Perry‘s successful career. The album by no means is a knock out, but rather an interesting look into the inner battles that Perry was fighting with at the time.

During the recording of In Flight, Linda Perry was facing many personal demons. After a jarring incident while performing at a 4 Non Blondes concert (the band that Perry fronted before going solo), she soon and suddenly left the group. Being freed from the constraints of her group, she was finally able to deal with her problems in the only way she knew…through her songwriting. What came out was the self described miniature concept album In Flight. Sadly, the record fell flat upon release and in huge part to her record label (Interscope) barely even promoting it.

However, as stated before, the record is an interesting look into Perry‘s inner battles. Throughout the whole album you can hear the struggles of depression, the bouts of writers block, and the peaks of creativity. All in all, In Flight is a very personal album.

Stand out tracks include the single “Fill Me Up” which is an ideal 90’s ballad that asks more questions than it answers. “Knock Me Out” sets a very depressive and lonely landscape that sets the perfect backdrop to Perry‘s wailing vocals. The addition of Grace Slick also added a very interesting dimension to an unlikely duet. The title and closing track “In Flight” is a beautifully crafted song lending an airy and open feel to a song that talks about feeling free and flying high.

Knock Me Out:

In Flight:

Two tracks stand out for quite a different reason. The song “Too Deep” is almost a mini rock opera that reminds me of a mixture between The Beatles with the Black Sabbath song “Spiral Architect“. The second track would have to be the McCartney/cabaret sounding “Fruitloop Daydream” which also has to be my favorite track off of the album. It’s both fun and dark and almost sounds like a twisted tale from a real life Wonderland.

Too Deep:

Fruitloop Daydream:

If you are a devout fan of Linda Perry or even if you have never heard of her before, In Flight is an album that should never have gone unnoticed. The feeling of the album definitely brings the listener through the highs and lows of depression and being emotionally lost and hopefully can connect to anyone venturing into it for the first time. You can listen to the full album in the link below!