Recap: Falling Skies 4×04 “Evolve or Die” / 4×05 “Mind Wars”

Falling Skies Season 4 Logo

Well, folks, due to circumstances, we missed you last week. So, this week, you’re getting a very special two for one recap of Falling Skies‘ last two episodes.  Surprisingly, a lot has and hasn’t happened for our 2nd Mass clan since they broke free of the ghetto camp and starting slowly coming back together in the alien utopia. Continue reading

Accountable Cosplay at GaymerX 2014 with Kitty Stryker

Kitty Stryker's cosplay of Tank Girl

Kitty Stryker as Tank Girl at GaymerX.

Last weekend, yours truly drove over to San Francisco to check out the second annual GaymerX, “the gaming event for LGBTQ gamers and allies.” First up for my coverage of the three-day convention, Kitty Stryker, the head of cosplay at the con, offered a Friday panel on accountability in cosplay– how to avoid being harmful while having fun. Let’s check out what this panelist and audience members had to say!

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10 New and Returning Shows We’re Watching This Summer

Summer TV

Summer is officially in full swing, and so are this summer’s new and returning shows.  We put together a list of some shows we’ve been looking forward to and some returning favorites.  You can check these show out when they air or even online since several of the show’s websites stream the shows or appear on HuluPlus or Amazon. So, what should you be watching this summer? Continue reading

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Review: Free Indie Horror Game, APOCALYPSE NOT (Mac & Windows)

Apocalypse Not header from ModDB

With a pun for a name and some Minecraft-esque dynamics, Apocalypse Not is a horror survival game currently in a bare bones beta stage, from an indie site called David’s Irritation. Though not yet a polished game, it has a satisfying concept– and more importantly, some hilarious design issues. Continue reading