Shallow Graves will be at Chicago Comic Con this weekend! Will you?

Wizard World Presents Chicago Comic Con August 2014

Wizard World presents Chicago Comic Con 2014!

Chicago Comic Con weekend starts tomorrow, Thursday, August 21st and runs through Sunday, August 24th.

Shallow Graves will be on hand to enjoy the festivities. We can’t wait to check it out! Say hi if you see us there and, if you can’t make it, stay tuned to this site and our social media for coverage.

Check out Chicago Comic Con here for more details on the event and location.



Shallow Graves Spotlight: Cody Loepke, Co-Director of “The Curse of La Muerte”

Welcome to our new spotlight feature where we profile indie creators making cool stuff that you might have missed.  Film director Cody Loepke first pinged our radar at the Phoenix Comicon Film Festival where we saw (and very much enjoyed) horror film The Curse of La Muerte.  We recently caught up with Cody to talk about that film, what’s he’s got coming up next, and why he loves Child’s Play 2. Continue reading

Serial Killer Thriller “The Divine Tragedies” Unveils 2 New Character Posters


The Divine Tragedies and Two Violent Brothers are Unveiled in these Two Character Posters

The-Divine-Tragedies-Official-Artwork 2

Courtesy of: Dual Visions

Dual Visions and director Jose Prendes (The Haunting of Whaley House) have completed work on two more character posters for the serial killer thriller, “The Divine Tragedies”. The new graphics highlight the artwork of Sasha Burrow. And, the new posters show the characters and half-brothers Thomas LoBianco and Charles Brubaker. Together, this pair will create a murder spree, which targets the most vulnerable.
Continue reading

3 Reasons You Should See Guardians of the Galaxy and 3 Reasons You Should Skip It

Guardians of the Galaxy Banner via

It looks like Marvel’s got another certified hit on their hands with “Guardians of the Galaxy” (GotG).  The film’s already toppled August box office records with a startling $94 million dollar opening weekend, and it’s inspired countless memes (how many ways can we get on the Groot thing?).  Marvel took a gamble with this one and, by most accounts, they won that bet.  If you haven’t taken a chance on the film yet, well, there are a few great reasons you should check it out.  But, there are also a few good reasons to wait until it hits RedBox. Continue reading

Review: Free Indie Horror Game, PESADELO (Mac & Windows)

Pesadelo game logo

Pesadelo (Portuguese for “nightmare”) is a 3D horror game from Brazilian developers skyjazgames, with a free English-language beta originally released in 2012 available on Mac as well as PC. The beta takes fear of the dark way too far– into “I am squinting so hard at my screen I’m going to get a headache” territory– but it seems the game has improved since then. Read on for my review of the Mac beta, and for information about where the free horror game series is today. Continue reading

Chatting with David Gaider, Part 3 of 3: Fun Facts and Personal Stories

BioWare's Building a Better Romance panel at GaymerX 2014

The BioWare crew at GaymerX 2014

David Gaider (lead writer of Dragon Age at BioWare) and I previously talked about anti-oppression critiques of the games, then delved deeper into the DA universe and the upcoming Inquisition. For this final segment of our interview at GaymerX, we talk growing up gay, writing Alistair and Fenris, demonic possession, and more. Also, cats. Fictional cats. Real cats. All the cats. Continue reading