Jake’s Top 5 ‘Dredd’ Sequel/Prequel Storylines


Karl Urban as DREDDA few weeks ago after covering Chicago Comic Con I posted an article about meeting and speaking with my idol Karl Urban (Dredd) and before I knew it that conversation not only went viral but took on a life of its own which got me thinking about 5 storylines I would love to see made into movies based on the Judge Dredd comic books besides the one mentioned in my previous post.

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Rants From A Scream Queen: On Conventions and Cash

Cover Image from Pink Floyd's "The Wall"

Thought this was an appropriate picture

Hello everyone! Nick here from Shallow Graves Magazine speaking…well, more like typing…and I would like to share some things with you that I witnessed and experienced at Chicago Comic Con. This will not be a blow by blow on what went down or who was there. Instead, I would like to talk about this convention versus conventions generally.

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They Live!: Re-Examining John Carpenter’s Sci-Fi Epic

Screenwriter/director John Carpenter has built his career by being a contrarian in an industry controlled by traditionalists. His horror films such a Halloween (1978) and The Fog (1980) delve into the abyss of the darkest parts of human nature. Not only does Carpenter manage to be entertaining and revolting at the same time, but he also makes us aware of the evil that lurks inside of everyone. Continue reading

Mackie and Stan, Attorneys at Law?

Ok, before rumors start to spread, no, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan will not be in the next legal drama, buddy cop show, or even a rom-com coming to a theater near you. There was a roar of approval about the potential for any of the above during their panel at Chicago Comic Con.  This theme was a running joke throughout the panel.  Come on, wouldn’t you want to see these two together on a weekly basis?

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan at Chicago Comic Con 2014 Photo by Lauren Heiser

Mackie and Stan, Attorneys at Law

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Bruce Campbell Asks Who is the Last Fan Standing at Chicago Comic Con

Win or get the Chin

Profile of Bruce Campbell famous chin during the 2014 Chicago Comic Con game show "Last Fan Standing"

The Chin

Shallow Graves Magazine wrapped up our first day at Chicago Comic Con with the game show of a lifetime hosted by none other than Mr. Bruce Campbell. “Last Fan Standing” was an experience like none other I have witnessed. Upon walking in you were given a remote with four options on it. This lead me to believe that the whole audience would just answer a handful of questions all night. However, as the stage lit up, four podiums were exposed. Continue reading

The Master of Marvel: Illinois Governor declares August 23rd-24th 2014 Official Stan Lee Weekend

Stan Lee at Chicago Comic Con 2014 Photo by Lauren Heiser

Property of Shallow Graves Magazine

If you ever have the opportunity to see Stan Lee at a convention, do it. Even at 91 years of age and a little hard of hearing he is still very entertaining.  In truth, I wouldn’t have called myself a fan (blasphemy! I know!).  I know who he is and that he is behind a massive amount of comic book characters, stories, and series.  I know he has had cameos in several comic book movies about his characters.  However, that has been the extent of my Stan Lee knowledge until attending his panel at Chicago Comic Con.

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