“Supernatural” Crowley’s Bromance With Dean

‘Supernatural’ Season 12 spoilers: Mark Sheppard reveals intricate details about Crowley’s bromance with Dean, ultimate fate

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“Supernatural” Season 12 will see a lot of changes in terms of Sheppard’s character, especially considering the fact that the demons do not want to see him as their king any longer. In an interview with TV Insider, Sheppard revealed that Crowley is set to regain his throne in hell in the upcoming season.

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Justice League Official Trailer Review



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DC has not been doing well with the critics as of late.  Where they great in their shows and comics, they lack on the big screen. Hopefully this movie will change it around.  Ben Affleck, the great director and mediocre actor, will not be directing this movie sadly and Zack Snyder will.  Yet I think that’s a bit of a let down seeing how great “Man of Steel” and “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” were. Which is not too great.
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Why A Zombie Threat Isn’t Such A Terrifying Thing

Zombie Movies Make NO SENSE!!!


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If you fear a zombie you shouldn’t, well I guess you should, but don’t be to worried. A zombie infection is a high possibility.  We already have diseases like rabies and others that cause people to display zombie like traits. Although we don’t have any diseases or infections that turn people into actual zombies, a zombie apocalypse is arguably the most realistic turn of events. With our technology not being nearly advanced to fear the rise of the machines, and laws placed to prevent a nuclear apocalypse, a zombie apocalypse is the most reasonable way for the end of the world.

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